About us

Dossae Formentera is the first local bathroom firm, whose designs are 100% inspired by the island of Formentera. Play with all its elements and the biodiversity that the island offers.

Each season we launch exclusive collections that allow customers to enjoy unique designs with high-quality materials and always with the made in Spain stamp.

It is a firm formed by a multidisciplinary team, headed by Rosma Mollá, whose passion for Formentera led her to create the company in 2012.

Totally in love with the island back in 2010, after spending a summer and living the experience of living on that island for a whole season, it was clear to me that what I wanted was to design swimwear for the whole family. For me, the simple fact that a client could not only buy a swimsuit, but also take a piece of the island, fascinated me.

Dossae Formentera is 100% inspired by the island of Formentera, our prints are based on the native elements of this island. In addition, each season we invest time in the search for new materials that help our customers' comfort. Let's not forget that we are embarking on a long but satisfying path towards sustainability, using ecofriendly raw materials to preserve the beauty of the island and contribute to caring for the planet.

Formentera is a magical island, we invite you to close your eyes.

What image does your paradise have?

Surely you will not be very far from Formentera.